ICE IX-5 Ladies Hybrid 4

Hybrids feature a slightly shorter shaft compared to fairway woods. The advantage of hybrid clubs lies in their ability to blend the forgiveness of a fairway wood with the precision of long irons. Due to their hollow heads, they are categorized as woods.

Replacing an iron with a hybrid doesn’t necessarily mean you need an identical hybrid. The lofts of irons and hybrids may not always match, and the clubface is more forgiving, resulting in increased distance. Additionally, your swing may change, and the ball flight with a hybrid can be quite different from that of an iron.

A hybrid 2 club with a loft of 16 degrees is roughly equivalent to a 1 iron, a hybrid 3 with 19 degrees to an iron 2 or 3, a hybrid 4 with 22 degrees to an iron 4, and a hybrid 5 with 25 degrees to an iron 5.

Available in: graphite shaft, right-handed & left-handed

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